Basic poker strategy - a simple online game of Texas hold'em

Poker is a game with incomplete information

The no-limit hold'em format is popular, thanks to the ability to place a bet with a stack-the risk of losing everything, but the chance of winning twice as much! This type of poker is not worth playing, hoping for luck - the discipline is intellectual and you need to make informed decisionsIf you want to play for real money and win consistently, we recommend using an online poker strategy based on mathematical calculations. Unlike chess and draughts, where there are no variables, card disciplines include chance factor - it is impossible to know what the next card will fall out, the combination made by the opponent. Using the theory of probability and tactics, the player can not guarantee victory in a separate hand, but can ensure that the profit is earned over a long distance. Strategy - a plan that allows you to find the optimal solution in a particular game situation, thanks to the analysis of the current circumstances (the actions of opponents, the composition of cards, the amount of bets). Due to the constant composition of the deck, the poker player determines the probability of different outcomes of the hand and chooses the best tactics that allow you to earn profit in the long run, minimize losses. Conclusion: the goal of the strategy is to make a profit at a distance (a large number of hands), regardless of the prevailing conditions in individual hands. Tactics - a tool that allows you to achieve the goals of the strategy in a short distance (in specific trades, hands). Poker math allows you to develop profitable methods. Experts analyze a lot of possible game situations and determine profitable actions. They are created for beginners who are unable to form their own strategy due to the lack of complete knowledge of the theory. You can make a profit if the poker player fully complies with the recommendations. The simplest poker strategy is to use a short stack of big blinds (BB). The player uses a narrow range of pocket cards when entering pre-Flop trades, but plays as aggressively as possible. A small stock of chips does not allow you to use multi-pass tactics - the main pot is formed Preflop. The poker player acts according to the recommended charts. The poker player sits down at the table with a stack of BB. This technique allows you to play with a small bankroll, but less aggressively than with a short stack. A larger number of starting chips allows you to win high pots when making strong combinations. Increases the value of the ability conduct post-Flop trading. Charts are presented in a convenient graphical format. To understand the notation, the position diagram is useful. In charts, maps are marked with the color of the positions that are optimal for use. Enter the trading chart first - your opponents didn't raise or use the limit before you did. The raise is made in BB, plus one BB for each opponent who has tied the big blind (Limper). The positions you are currently in are indicated. If your opponent Raises in front of you, use the -bet scheme. Indicate the positions of increased opponents. The -bet size must be times the opponent's Raise, plus one standard Raise for each matched player. The next chart is used for Styles if you are in the Cut-off position, button, SB and all players in front of you have discarded. For Restyling, the scheme is used if you are in the BB position, the player with the Cutoff, button or small blind has increased - the other participants have dropped. If you have reached postflop, follow the above schemes, use the main One graphic instructions. If you made it to the Postflop for free (c BB thanks to limpers), follow the free Play scheme (free view of the Flop). The most popular basic Texas hold'em poker strategy is BSS, designed for tables with - participants. It borders on a professional game, and it is recommended to learn and use it. The previous methods are not available in some popular poker rooms, due to restrictions on the minimum size of the starting buy-in of - BB. With deep stacks of BB, you can play all online rooms.

BSS is a complex technique that requires the player to have an in-depth knowledge of theory.

Despite the complexity, in some game situations, you can follow the tables with instructions. Next, we'll look at the basics of a successful BSS-based poker game. Further material will be of great help when using any technique. Bankroll - game capital used by a poker player to earn money. Bankroll management - money management according to certain rules. Compliance with the rules allows you to realize the mathematical expectation - to earn a profit in the long run, avoiding bankruptcy.

Example: a user plays at a table with a limit of.$.

Buy-in of BB is equal to$. The required bankroll size is$. The next limit is $. with a buy-in of $.

After earning * $, a poker player can move to the tables with bets of $.

After losing$, the player must return to the previous limit of $. It is necessary to sit at full tables with - active participants. When landing, you can't pay out of turn with BB - you must wait until the big blind turns up before skipping hands. If during the hands one or more opponents leave the table and there are fewer than players, move to another one-full. Position - the position of the player at the table, relative to the Button. Changes each hand due to the clockwise movement of the Button. The position determines the order of the move. The first player to announce a decision preflop Is the player sitting to the left of BB - then the opponents move clockwise.

The strategy is based on mathematical calculations

BB has the last word. The later a player moves, the more information they get about their opponents intentions.

The starting hands for playing in a poker strategy game are selected taking into account the advantage of the position and the decisions of the opponents who came down.

The later the poker player acts, the fewer opponents entered the auction before him, and the lower the bets they made, the more starting cards can be played prospectively. When playing BSS, follow the ready-made tables (the charts indicate the positions you are in). Trading tactics with ready-made combinations on the Postflop are chosen based on the Board structure(community cards), the opponent's behavior on the Preflop, and the strength of the prepared hand. On dry boards, you should aggressively play Top Pairs, Overpairs - in most cases you will be ahead of your opponent. If the opponent rises, you should be wary of a Set, not obvious Two Pairs. The ability to create such layouts is evaluated by the player's behavior on the Preflop - evaluate with which cards I could enter trades based on the position and bid sizes. Put yourself in his shoes. Strong ready-made combinations should be played aggressively, starting with the Flop, if there is a danger of strengthening the hand of the opponent on the Turn, River. Place bets that are unfavorable to the opponent in terms of pot odds- of the pot size. High boosts do not allow you to play draws profitably. If your opponent is even and doesn't complete a straight or Flush, you will win a high pot. When playing poker strategy games, you need to use poker math. Unfinished strong layouts are evaluated by the prospects of the draw, the probability of drawing. Outs are counted - the cards remaining in the deck that can complete the hand on the following streets. If you have multiple Draws, don't consider the same cards useful for both combinations. For example, the three of spades can simultaneously complete a Flush and straight. you Need to count once.

The odds of winning are compared with pot odds-calculated by reducing the fraction in the form of division the required bet on the pot size.

If the pot odds are less likely to win - it is profitable to bet in the long run - if it is lower, it is better to fold. You can also use pot odds by choosing the size of your own raise. If your opponent did not bet, Raise with a semi-bluff of such a size that it does not turn out to be unprofitable for you. Example: You have a -out Flush Draw. The odds of winning on the Turn are. There is$ in the pot and the opponent has bet$. By reducing the fraction, we get -less than, it is profitable to compare. The range of Postflop tactics is wide. It is necessary to be able to choose the best situations for conducting the research. Once you have mastered the cash tables, try playing tournaments - exciting contests that allow you to significantly increase your buy-in.

Read here about the basic strategy of MTT tournaments.

PPPoker hacking Diamonds and cheats for Android and iOS

Second, it's not completely secure

Updating the language and some symbols significantly expanded PPPoker cheats for audiences from different countries, the app menu is very bright and simple-it's very easy to play your favorite game with your friends, especially if you can't get together at a round tableThere are no errors in downloading, the application is completely protected from viruses and malware, even with a full connection of players, hacking PPPoker remains as fast and high-quality. Using an Internet connection, you can select any of the tables to connect to and check its characteristics - how reliable the players are and what level they have gathered for the cards. You can also use all the features of hacking PPPoker and get an infinite number of such pieces as Diamonds. PPPoker allows you to create a game room yourself, the administrator selects the number of players and maximum bets, and if necessary, you can discuss the details of the game with your friends in a small chat. The money in the game is virtual, the more success, the more active the player is taken to different rooms, the most professional will like the addition of Open Chinese Pineapple poker - all the rules are observed one hundred percent.

PPPoker is equipped with open Omaha games, you can connect anytime and anywhere.

You probably already know that you can download the hacked PPPoker Mod Apk and get Diamonds, but in this case there are pitfalls. First, to use the Mod Apk, you must have root on your phone or tablet. But if you use our hack, then in this case you don't have to have Jailbreak or Root, because these cheats work without it too. There aren't really many ways to hack PPPoker, but we are we offer you perhaps the best way to do this. Below you will see a list of these Cheat Codes. An important point in this is that you can use these cheats even without Jailbreaking and without Root. You can use them on both iOS and Android devices.

Registering a character is not difficult - the main thing is to choose the right avatar that would interest players when they first connect with a low activity and level indicator.

This method consists of using our Cheats for PPPoker

The user-friendly interface will not let you get bored even if the opponent thinks about the move for a long time, there is no cheating-PPPoker Hacking is simply impossible to hack or outwit.

By creating your own room, you can easily manage connections, as it is the administrator who reviews applications for the game and decides whether to take a newcomer to the circle of trusted friends.

In hacking PPPoker, you can get everything infinite in the game. If you ask the question 'how To get an unlimited amount of Diamonds', the answer will be very simple. simple - use PPPoker Hacking. If there is a desire to play for real money, then there is a purchase of special content for this purpose - it does not look any different, but the currency is displayed quite correctly. Complete privacy is provided by the developers, thanks to the Lobby game, you can easily connect to game halls abroad and unleash real world battles. You can change the avatar. earlier, simpler versions of the game did not take into account the Hindi version, so the game review was a little limited, and the app is available for download on any iPhone version. You can invite friends to your created room using Facebook. the field for entering your username is immediately displayed when you log in to the app. You may also be interested in this game-Hero Zero Hacking. This is also a very cool game.

Online poker odds calculator in Russian

Poker calculator can be presented in various ways

Poker calculator - a program that calculates the chances of a player at the table to win, collecting a certain combination, odds, and other indicatorsCalculations are made based on available information, or information entered manually by the user. Software is an indispensable assistant for beginners who do not yet know how to do calculations on their own or do not fully understand how to do it. But even professionals do not give up on programs, they significantly save time and free the player from additional thoughts. First of all, they are divided into online and offline, there are simple programs for calculating chances, there are also more complex indicators and inspectors. These programs must be downloaded and installed on your computer or phone.

Let's look at them in more detail

Their main thing advantage - there is no need to connect to the Internet, they can work without a network. In addition, the downloadable software is more stable and functional, it can be customized to suit your requests, and the parameters are saved until the user wants to enter new commands.

Online services usually don't provide for this.

The most popular poker odds calculator is Poker Studio. It has a simple interface, an intuitive menu, and detailed calculations of mathematical probabilities calculated by Dan Harrington. The software is fast and stable, and the data is displayed in a convenient format and with explanations. Other similar poker calculators in Russian: Turning River Calcs, Poker h Calculator, Poker Stove. These are elementary programs that calculate the most necessary mathematical calculations.

There are also more complex developments, they additionally give advice on the player's next moves, calculate equity for each street, and collect other analytical information.

The most famous representatives of this category: Each poker calculator is available in Russian. This is why they are ideal for domestic users.

Most players prefer online poker calculator, as you don't need to download anything.

This software works in real-time mode directly on top of the game table, which is very convenient for poker players. Finding a poker odds calculator online is very simple, there is a lot of software from various developers on the web. Not all of them can boast of quality and correct operation. The best programs are distributed on a paid basis, so you'll need to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription to use them, but the money will pay off quickly. Despite the fact that online software requires a subscription, it is very popular not only for beginners, but also for professionals. The programs make the game easier and give very good tips on the course of the tournament. Therefore, the costs are fully recouped after some time. Indicators and inspectors - essentially, the same online poker calculators in Russian, in addition to calculating mathematical probabilities, they have additional functions related to analysis, tracking and other indicators.

Most popular products: Poker calculator is recommended for beginners as an excellent assistant for keeping calculations and getting valuable tips during the game.

But professionals also actively use such software, which indicates its real benefits.

Poker bots are among us! Should I buy them

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Information on the site is intended only for persons personal information protection Policy of users. Payment and refund procedures.

PPPOKER-best poker mobile app ASIA-POKER

We will tell you about one of these places in this review

Every year, playing poker on mobile devices becomes more popularMost of the major poker rooms have already released their mobile apps for IOS and Android. At the moment, the choice is so diverse that it is difficult to find a suitable place to play. In the vast majority of cases, you will be met with very bad lineups at the tables, hiding behind the a mask of high-tech software.

You will be lucky if you get a game with one fish against regs. However, in the vast expanses of the boarding school, there are still places with an impressive number of weak players.

PPPOKER is a mobile poker app that is available to absolutely all players. To get access to real money games, the system of conditional (playmoney) chips is used here.

Please enter your username or email address

This method allows Asian players to get access to games for real money. For fans of expensive cash games, this poker room can become the main one, especially since the presence of weak players is impressive. Network: Nezavisimaya Strana: Sitelicense: No.Deposit and withdrawal methods: through an agent.Withdrawal terms: Amounts up to$ K are withdrawn instantly online, up to$ K- hours, over$ K - up to hours.The main limitations: -$ to -$ NL hold'em, PL Omaha.Software quality assessment:  out of (Desktop, IOS. Android)When there is a game available:  hours.Creation accounts: through an agent.Link: PPPOKER pppoker was originally developed for playing only on mobile devices, which is the main difference from the usual poker rooms. However, there is also a version of the client for a personal computer. The game client is available in English, Chinese,and Russian. Every day, the amount of traffic on PPPoker is constantly increasing, due to attracting new players from China, Thailand, Singapore and other Asian countries. During peak hours, you can find max tables from NL to NlK, as well as in PLO from PL to PLk. PPPoker charges a fairly low rake, as for the Asian poker room market. ($ CAP) Currently, the maximum available NL PL limit is $, but higher limits will be added in the near future. Unfortunately, this poker room does not support auxiliary programs, but this is more than compensated for by a very weak field. We have prepared small reviews of the main pppoker clubs for You, so that you can easily get your bearings. If you would like to try playing on PPPOKER, please contact us via Skype or email. Our managers will be happy to help you create an account! If you have any questions or need any help to deal with poker rooms, do not hesitate to write to us the Site is an introductory one. The site does not encourage or offer users to play for real money. We will send you a password recovery form.

Poker Automatic - Stable income of per month, floating profit. The company is engaged in a game of poker with the help of robots

You may immediately think that this is not possible, etc

Originality, creativity, not a standard approach, uniqueness, design-Yes, friends, these are all my personal compliments and a great review about Poker Atomatics

Part of my interest came from the title, as I sometimes like to play online poker.

I will say right away that you do not need to play here and the system does not provide for it.

But a genius is a genius to create, invent, surprise

Poker Automatics offers classic trust management of our invested investments.

Once on the company's website, you will be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of useful information, the company really took good care of its customers, providing extensive information support.

Despite the large volume of materials presented in various sections, the designers correctly colored the texts, and thanks to this, the information is read very conveniently and pleasantly. To be honest, I didn't even want to leave the site, once again I understand how important design is, which not only decorates the site, but also contributes to the perception of information on it. The Poker Automatics project has developed a unique robot program (Bot) for automatic play in poker rooms. The company does not hide on which sites it uses gaming robots, but on the contrary openly demonstrates them: Poker, Revolution Gaming Network, poker tips, PokerStars, Microgaming Network, Winning Poker Network, Ongame Network, iPoker Network, Merge Gaming Network. On the official website, in the FAQ section, you will find answers to all your questions, as well as about the principles of trading robots. first of all, even in Forex there are trading robots, for example, for the MetaTrader trading terminal. Secondly, it is not so important, why should we delve into the subtleties of poker automatics robots that are already not clear to us? We are offered a great opportunity make good money, let's use this feature, which is intended directly for investors-invest in one of the tariff plans and enjoy passive income with daily profit withdrawal. Here are levels of profitability, choose according to Your financial capabilities. Obviously, the higher the level, the higher your profit share will be.

To the right of you is a sign with an example of profit generation depending on the tariff plan (level).

The example shows level Geniuses-inventors were at all times, in our time, to come up with high-yield projects in the investment market, something new is extremely difficult, at least most people think so. Of course, we are talking about good geniuses, namely Poker automatics. My main rule is to avoid asking stupid questions, especially when we don't get an answer. The company strictly keeps all developments secret, so I perceive the investment activity of the company superficially.

The more we look for weaknesses in the Poker automatics project, come up with something that doesn't exist, and suspect that there will be no more profit from this! This should be understood and treated simply with confidence in such a best investment project on the market.

Someone may think that Poker automatics is a pyramid scheme or a typical hype - this is a big misconception! Poker Automatik conducts a real scheme with its poker robots, and it is from these funds that interest is paid to depositors. For this reason, as usual, we take the amount that is permissible for us and invest without straining. Next, we withdraw the daily profit and rejoice, and at the end of the term we are waiting for the Deposit body, which can be withdrawn, but it is more correct to invest it in the next round. In summary, investing in Poker Automatic is very simple and you don't have to read and understand everything, so if you are used to doing everything quickly and without delving into details, it's easy to Do it here:Registration - Making a Deposit - choosing a tariff plan and everything! Be sure to register with Perfect Money - Many investment projects work only with them.I o to this system is several times faster than to Bank cards. And then transfer your PM to any Bank card, just use the exchange described below: Withdraw money from perfectmoney in minutes! All thanks to the AdvCash Bank card. So are other e-wallets! This is an equally popular paid PAYEER system - There are many options for exchanging and buying with any Bank cards.

All transfers are very fast.

As well as a very beautiful and user-friendly site. A very important figure of OKPAY, its special distinguishing feature is the presence of its own plastic VISA Bank card ! In this exchange, you can exchange (transfer) your Perfect Money to a VISA Mastercard plastic card in just minutes. You can also instantly buy PM and other electronic currencies.IMPORTANT: even more money with WEBMONEY.

poker robot on Aliexpress-buy online at a bargain price

Before buying, compare prices for poker robot, read real customer reviews, and get acquainted with the technical specificationsOrder poker robot online with delivery in Russia: items marked Plus are available with faster delivery and improved return conditions. On Aliexpress, poker robot is always available in a large assortment: both reliable global brands and promising young ones are represented on the site. Before buying, compare prices for poker robot, read real customer reviews, and get acquainted with the technical specifications. Order poker robot online with delivery in Russia: items marked Plus are available with faster delivery and improved return conditions.

On Aliexpress, poker robot is always available in a large assortment: both reliable global brands and promising young ones are represented on the site.


Poker-Robot is an advanced program, a poker bot, for automatic online poker games, which plays poker at a professional level in the most popular poker rooms, while having live player quality and with all the structures of the game remains completely unnoticedPoker-Robot - with this poker bot, you will play online poker for real money at a professional level, unlike your opponents. You can use the poker bot to help you make game decisions, or to play completely automatically without your intervention. While you sleep or go about your business, the Poker-Robot program will play and win online poker games for you.

Plays poker at a high level according to a pre-programmed strategy (which took years to develop, with the participation of experienced professional players).

The simple menu of the program allows you to easily choose a strategy profile (Cash games, MTT tournaments, -table SNG tournaments, v game, Speed Poker).

PPPoker review: detailed description of the poker room Pokerbroz

This is a poker app with various unique features

PPPoker is not exactly a poker room in the traditional senseThe brand positions itself as a safe and honest gaming platform provider for all poker enthusiasts. Initially, the app was positioned as Asian, but now representatives of a wide variety of countries, including players from Europe, play here. You can also download PPPoker from the official Google Play and App Store mobile app stores, which makes it so desirable for many local agents. The latter do their best to connect their pools to the program. Anyone can create their own Pppoker club and play there only with those who are suitable for the level of the game and other characteristics. All prizes and items serve as virtual currency in the PPPoker app and cannot be converted or transferred to monetary or other real currency. one unit. The platform is attractive with a weak pool of players, including many fish from Asian countries and Canada. The second feature of Pppoker is that although it is primarily a mobile application, it can also be used on a PC. Users who play on pokerbroz's PPPoker have previously had access to dozens of different clubs. But over time, we have formed a limited list of clubs where it is most profitable to play (mostly our players play there as a plus). Now pokerbroz offers about two dozen of the best clubs for a profitable game.

We will select a solution for you depending on the current limit, discipline, game time, and other requirements.

If you cooperate with us, we will provide you with the necessary pppoker club IDs, and you can start playing them without any problems. In each of the clubs, the number of tables for the game may vary: from - tables in small sweet katrans to dozens of tables in large unions.

To do this, you can download special clients for Windows

clubs are enough to provide yourself with the game at any time of the day.

Stable tables are available up to the NL$K PLO$K limit. The pppoker platform's traffic is growing from year to year. If in the first few years it was mainly played by Asian players, now there are many users from Canada, Europe and other poker locations. The main advantage of the app is its availability in the official stores of popular mobile platforms. You don't need to search and download PPPoker apk anymore. The software works fast, looks modern, and is constantly being improved by developers. The most important tab is Clubs.

When you join one or more communities, you will see the number of available tables next to their logo.

To join a club, you need its ID (ID).

You can also enter the agent ID. Most of the clubs are closed, but we will help you get into them, give you the pppoker ID of the clubs and provide you with the best conditions. At the top of the app, you will see your current achievements (VIP level, number of points, number of diamonds, etc.). There are three icons on the clubs tab below: PPPoker gives the user a General picture of statistics about their game on the Career tab. You can get more detailed information when paying with a Black or Platinum Card. Statistics are displayed on three tabs: Daily, Monthly, and Yearly.

Statistics of a particular tournament are hidden behind the bar chart icon (at the top right of the table window).

There you can track your position, bid level, etc. Your privacy is very important to us. We want Your work on the Internet to be as pleasant and useful as possible, and you can safely use the widest range of information, tools and opportunities that the Internet offers. On the site hosted on our domain, including those on subdomains (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Site), there are several buttons that open forms for data collection and feedback. No more data is collected anywhere else. We may ask you to leave your personal information in our forms about your name, email, mobile phone, Skype, or messenger (Telegram, Viber, or WhatsApp). We use Your data to contact You and send you news, useful materials, and commercial offers. Your data will not be shared with third parties, under any circumstances. In cases related to compliance with legal requirements, we will provide a Pokerface. This data is used to collect information about users actions on the site in order to improve its content, improve its functionality, and, as a result, create high-quality content and services for users. Our employees are trained to understand and implement these controls, and are familiar with our privacy Notice, policies, and instructions. However, while we are committed to protecting your personal information, you should also take steps to protect it. If you change this privacy policy, you can read about these changes on this page. or, in special cases, receive a notification via one of the communication channels used, or in the news feed of our website or social network group. If Anton does not respond within minutes after the request From. (GMT), we will give you rakeback for a month.

poker programs for free in Russian online

Experts are still debating which one to give preference to

Not only beginners, but also professionals use poker programs, because, thanks to it, you can increase the chances of winning and make calculations that are very difficult to make in your mindToday, there are hundreds of different types of poker software on the market. I must immediately say that not all of them can boast of quality and real benefits for the player. Some of them are better not to download at all, since they are banned by Rumas, and they may well be banned for them. In this article, we will announce the top poker programs that are truly recognized as the best in their field. recommended by many experts. A lot of players prefer Texas hold'em, and they prefer poker programs designed specifically for this discipline. In this case, you should definitely pay attention to Holdem Manager, according to most users, this is the best software. You can use it to analyze and collect statistical information about your opponents and your own game.

In addition, there is a Manager in hold'em: this poker software is distributed on a paid basis, the cost of the standard version is $.

There is a free -day test period, after which you will have to either opt out of using the program or purchase a license. Follow the link below to purchase the perpetual trial version. Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager are always competing programs for playing poker, they are identical in functionality and perform the same tasks. The software provides information in the form of graphs and you can also create tables for further analysis. When considering online poker programs, you should definitely stop at Poker Stove, which is the most popular software among players.

Another poker program in Russian is TableScan Turbo

It can calculate the equity indicator for each set of cards, calculate the pot odds with a particular hand. This makes it possible to increase the chances of winning every hand. The program performs calculations not only with pocket cards, but also with those that are on the table. It even provides the ability to specify "dead" maps, so the software can boast of very accurate calculations. The program can calculate indicators for up to players at the same time, which allows you to use it at any table. unlike standard managers, It is not intended for collecting statistics. The software scans the tables and selects the most profitable ones for the player, with its help it is possible to find weak opponents of "fish" and increase the bankroll. The program has pretty broad settings. The user can specify tags, set labels, and scan multiple rooms at the same time. Here there is also a HUD, the player can decide for himself what information to display in it. TableScan Turbo is suitable for poker players of all levels.

The program can search tables based on predefined parameters, and it can be used in PokerStars, iPoker, and other rooms.

Many people are looking for free poker software, but it should be understood that the best poker software is distributed only on a paid basis. Table Ninja is one of them. Its main advantage is the ability to work simultaneously with several tables, which is very convenient for those who prefer multi-tabling.

Experienced players know how difficult it is to play at multiple tables, how difficult it is to maintain concentration and stick to strategy.

It is in this case that Table Ninja comes to the rescue, which quickly performs the necessary calculations and provides statistical information. Many people are looking for poker programs in Russian that can tell you about mistakes made in your hands. In this case, you can safely recommend Leak Buster, the software promptly notifies the player of any mistakes that he made in the fight at the table. The program works very simply. It breaks a tournament or series of cash games into several parts and analyzes each of them. Then the player is given information about the mistakes that he made during the hands. Thanks to this, the user will be able to prevent them in the future and improve their skill level. The software has analytical tools in its Arsenal, and the player can disable those that are currently irrelevant. To download the Leak Buster poker software, please use the link below. There are poker programs on the market that are designed specifically for MTT tournaments. Tournament Shark is designed just for this purpose.

It automatically integrates into the open table where the competition is taking place.

Tournament Shark provides analytical information on each player right during the tournament. Who won how many times, was included in the prize zone, win rate level, skill and other information can be found using the program. Today poker programs in Russian are very easy to download for free, the market is full of various offers.

But not all differ in quality and usefulness.

This does not apply to Simple Nash, which is a calculator designed for fans of short stack strategy and push fold tactics. It will help you perform all the necessary calculations in automatic mode, which will significantly save time and help you increase your win rate. Simple Nash is indispensable in Sit-and-Go competitions and MTT tournaments. Its advantage is the analysis using complex algorithms and identifying the main mistakes made by the player in the hands.

The main enemy of the player is tilt, that is, an unstable emotional state when rash actions are committed, which inevitably leads to a loss.

This it can be caused not only by a series of defeats, but even by successful series, because the poker player thinks that he is lucky and starts betting on everything in a row. It is difficult for beginners to control themselves and restrain themselves, especially for this purpose, poker programs have been developed that allow you to prevent tilt or stop it in time. Tilt Breaker is considered one of the best products, it is not a separate software, but an addition to Holdem Manager.

The goal of the program is to help you manage your bankroll correctly and signal if a player starts making unjustified bets.

It can be used for both tournaments and cash games, and supports such disciplines as hold'em, Omaha, Razz, Badugi, Stud, and Draw poker. Unfortunately, this poker program in Russian is not available for free, there is only a -day trial version. Anyone who wants to download useful poker software for free should definitely pay attention to Note Caddy. This program allows you to take notes on your opponents. As you know, this is extremely important to do in order to play a successful game in a specific room. Knowing your opponents faces allows you to develop effective counter strategies and avoid tables with stronger players. A special feature of Note Caddy is that it saves the hands played. the program reads the history, analyzes it, and displays additional information about each player. They reflect the strengths and weaknesses of each potential opponent. Unfortunately, most free poker software doesn't have any versions. You will have to pay a certain amount for them, but these costs will be fully recouped by the benefits of their help.

Where to download and how to install the PPPoker client on your computer

You can be sure that the program is absolutely safe

One of the most popular mobile poker platforms in the world is PPPokerof the app's audience is made up of people from China and India, and this is the main advantage for players from the CIS. The fact is that poker has only recently arrived in Asia, and people there have not yet learned how to play it at a high level. Hence, a large number of fish and ample opportunities to increase your Bank. The site is positioned as a place for playing competitive poker for virtual chips for free, but the opportunity to play for real money is also provided. To do this, you will need to join one of the private clubs, but more on that later.

Although the app is Pppoker it is mobile, and you can easily download it to your laptop or desktop computer.

To do this, you will need: you will see a shortcut on the main screen. double-click on it to open the standard window of the PPPoker client. Here you can register, log in with your username and password, or make a guest login.

The minimum Deposit amount is $

In the latter case, the game features will be limited, so it is better to register an account immediately. Important! Before installing PPPoker, it is advisable to disable the antivirus and system firewall, as they can "eat" some files, and the client simply will not start. Hundreds of thousands of players have tested it on their own experience. Moreover, the mobile version of the app has been verified in the official Play Market and AppStore stores. As soon as you log in using your account, a window with the client interface will appear on the screen. Here you can see the list of available clubs, go to your profile settings, and open the app. an internal store, a page with statistics, and chat on the forum.

As we mentioned earlier, playing for real money is only available after joining private gaming clubs.

Since it can be difficult to join them (many make serious demands), we offer our help to newcomers in this matter. To get a suitable account and access to private clubs, you can write to us by email or Skype, specifying your preferred types of games and limits. We also help you perform financial transactions inside the app.

Since Pppoker is not a licensed gaming operator, transactions can only be made through agents.

Deposits and withdrawals are made via Skrill, NETELLER, Webmoney payment systems, as well as in bitcoins.

Cashout is done on request without any limits for an average of three days.

Contact us and we will help you download PPPoker, register an account, join a private club, and withdraw the earned money from the system.

Holdem Bot - a poker bot for Texas holdem

Configure only your system and room

The bot automatically connects to the poker table and starts playingIn addition to basic actions (raise, fold, etc.), it can also press sit-out, sit-in, close tables, handle pop-UPS, make arbitrary delays, and much more. The bot doesn't require any installation or configuration to run.

All bot settings are optional and do not require programming skills.

Plays any cash games, MTT and SNG (-max tables)

Allows you to play multiple tables and run multiple rooms on the same computer.

Some casinos are not friendly to poker bots. However, our settings allow the bot to remain invisible to their detection systems. Playing a short stack profile in tournaments is based on multiple charts depending on the situation (open push, push after limp or raise, Restyle push, call various training resources (pokerstrategy, Upswing Poker, Exceptional Poker) and special programs(SnG Wizard, ICMIZER, Preflop) were used To create charts. When playing heads-up, charts based on the Nash equilibrium are used.Preflop games with medium and large stacks are mainly based on the tight opening range. However, to exclude an exploit, some speculative hands are included in the range (with a random opening probability). Post-flop game features:- counter bet code-float-check-raise-slowplay-bluff-aggressive monster draw-draw hands - call bets with draw hands according to outs and odds - randomization of actions (check or bet, call or raise)- randomization of the bet size. When making a game decision, many factors are taken into account:- number of opponents in the hand-position-effective stack - hand strength - Board structure - bet size - number of outs and pot odds - initiative - amount of money invested in the pot, etc.

PPPoker-Poker hosting APK. Download for Android-com. lein. pppoker. android

android is an app that has over, installations

PPPoker-Poker hosting IS an Android app that is available on our store

You can download all versions, including the latest version- PPPoker-Poker hosting or com.

If you are going to install PPPoker-Poker hosting on your device, it must have M available space, also Android device need to have version. PPPoker-Poker hosting was created by the pppoker development team in the genre of Table games. Android Top provides all versions of PPPoker-Poker hosting and you can download it directly to your phone or any Android device to do this, you have to scroll the screen below, where you can see many links to download the app.

Of course, you could use PPPoker-Poker hosting on your computer for this you have to use emulators.

and higher of Android OS or higher

All apps and games on our website are intended for personal use only. Also don't forget to share this app with your friends, it helps to support all Android community and developer to create more leaving app:), and of course to play apps or games more fun and useful with your friends). Download PPPoker-Poker hosting APK. for free on Android-the Latest version of PPPOKER Android Developer.

Pppoker Hacking for money for Android and iOS

Our task is to identify this sequence and tell it to you

The largest company presents you another of its new creations PPPoker cheatsThis is a very cool poker simulator for all types of ages, where they can test their strength in this game and their intuition by betting. The game is completely free and available in multiplayer mode.

By the way, for the same game, they can be different

You will already have a start-up capital at the beginning, and then it all depends on how lucky you are. You will be given a chance to win millions or be left with nothing. (adsbygoogle window.adsbygoogle []).pushThis Cheat Code will give you money -cd reasons to use Cheat Codes to Hack PPPoker on iOS and Android:You can hack play the game in seconds.You don't need to download apks for Android and IPAS for iOS (iPhone, iPad).You can instantly hack the PPPoker game for real money instantly and without SMS.Virus protection is.You can hack PPPoker without jailbreak and without root.Cheats for PPPoker are very easy to use. hacking PPPoker also has a lot of similar games, which is very popular on the Internet and is better known as flash or some other type of poker. If you have never played this game before, you may be familiar with blackjack or other possible sweepstakes. These are basically similar games in themselves, so learning poker will not be particularly difficult for you. Play in a similar casino with your family or friends, and maybe even with someone from the other side of the world. Show them how easy it is to earn a huge amount of money and how easy it is for you! This game is completely free and has the ability to work in offline mode, which allows you to play cards anywhere and in the Internet.

If you want to play with someone online, then even the weakest Internet will be enough for you, because the multiplayer game PPPoker will work even with G! This is classic poker, so you don't need to learn any special rules.

You can feel like the king of card games by collecting Royal gaming experience. Build your invincible strategy and win the bets one by one! The game will not slow down and cause you discomfort, because it has a smooth and pliable gameplay. Check it out for yourself! Pppoker Hacked will give you the opportunity to win real prizes! Show real players that you have no equal and win your coveted million or even more! Download the free app right now and make sure that with this game you will never get bored. If you know anything about how mobile apps and games are built, then you should know that for each value of certain resources in games, a certain value must be responsible. a sequence of bits. That is, if you change this sequence, then the value for which it is responsible will also change.

Pppoker download: Yandex.News

Teachers and doctors will be the first to be vaccinated

How to download the mobile app download Links for Android and iOS apps are available on The official pppoker websiteSoftware for iPhone and iPad can also be found in the AppStore, but some users may have difficulties installing it due to regional restrictions. According to the rules for drawing green cards, Russians born in the Southern Kuril Islands are considered Japanese in the United States, and natives of South Sakhalin are citizens of the Russian Federation. Oscar Isaac has been confirmed to play the main character in the film adaptation of Metal Gear Solid-he will play the legendary soldier solid snake, who will conduct military operations in a fictional world. In Moscow, employees of a hookah bar locked up a journalist and a cameraman who were filming a report on violations of measures to combat coronavirus in the institution. In Russia, more and more "super-distributors" of coronavirus are being identified, Nikolai Durmanov, an expert on Biosafety, doctor of medical Sciences, said in an interview with Sputnik radio. Artist Marina Zudina, the widow of actor and Director Oleg Tabakov, told why her husband's will did not contain the names of his children from his first marriage daughter Alexandra and son Anton. Law enforcement officers detained a police officer suspected of shooting a child in the South of Moscow, the press service of the Moscow Department of the Investigative Committee reported.

Number of confirmed cases coronavirus infections in Russia increased by, per day, a new maximum since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the operational headquarters for combating the disease.

Download transport tax rates in the Moscow region in download free Transport tax in the Moscow region in Transport tax in the Moscow region for is calculated on the basis of their own, regional rates. On December, Vladimir Putin instructed to start a large-scale vaccination against coronavirus next week. Investigators opened a criminal case after an accident in the Abzelilovsky district of Bashkiria, where a car collided with horses at night, as a result of which three minors were killed on the spot, and two more people were injured. A new company related to "green" projects and blockchain technologies was launched by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, on December, CNBC reports. Kamila Valieva leads after the short program at the fifth stage of the Russian Cup, which takes place in Moscow at the arena Megasport. Some players of the main team boycotted the match of the th round of the RPL against Spartak (:). According to Kanchelskis, the top division of Russian football, which currently involves teams, should be reduced due to the constant problems of clubs with money. According to Live Science, to detect these extra dimensions and explain the weakness of gravity, you can use the Large hadron Collider (LHC), where protons collide with each other at a speed close to light. The head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral contact group on the settlement of the conflict in Donbass (TCG), the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, called for tougher sanctions against Russia, excluding the country from the international settlement system, if the conflict in Donbass is not resolved by the end of the year.

Chief physician of the Moscow city polyclinic No

On the air of NSN, the President Of the international Association of veterans of the alpha anti-terror unit, Colonel Serhiy Goncharov, spoke about why armed people tried to cross the Ukrainian-Russian border.

Security forces they began to take control of the center of Minsk and other districts of the capital of Belarus: the reason was the opposition rally "March of freedom" scheduled for Sunday. Natalia Shindryaeva told who will be denied vaccination against coronavirus infection COVID. The removable module will be equipped with its own battery Oppo has patented a certain novelty in the form of a smartphone with a removable camera module located on the back of the device in a special recess. Speakers at the event, scheduled for December, will be technical experts and developers of HarmonyOS, who will answer a number of questions about the operating system and talk about the key features of its mobile version. As noted in the document, in General, five grants will be allocated for the implementation of the project, their size may vary from $ thousand to $ thousand. In the summer, it was reported that the state Department plans to allocate a grant to non-profit organizations that will help strengthen ties between the two countries. citizens of Serbia and the United States, and will promote the entry of the Balkan Republic into the European Union. A visitor to the Reddit forum under the pseudonym scorpo has already played Cyberpunk for six hours on Xbox Series X and shared his impressions. Recall that on December, the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation recorded the maximum selling price for the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus Sputnik V. The cost of the vaccine was, rubles for two components. The expert made the most pessimistic forecast for Russia in. A large-scale crisis with mass unemployment may begin in the country.

Which poker room is the most honest according to players and experts

The best way to do this is to use reviews from other users

When choosing a poker room, we most often pay attention to such factors as the number of online users, the available varieties, the variety of tournaments, and the number of available playersBut all of them are leveled if the administration can promise everything only in words, and when it comes to practical implementation, nothing happens. In this case, we are dealing with the topic of poker room integrity. In addition to being one of the most important, it is also extremely complex. There is no evidence that the room administration really behaves decently with all players, does not use loopholes in their own rules and is constant in their own statements. Before proceeding to the search for the most honest poker room, we would like to draw your attention to one point that is important for you to know in order to understand all the nuances that will be discussed later. For sure, out of people do not read the license agreements, terms of use, and other regulatory documents that govern the relationship between you as a user and the poker room as a legal entity that provides services to you. So, most often these conditions are so "predatory" and unfair that if the same thing happened to you if you were offered by a Bank, insurance agent, or any other service, you would immediately refuse, even laughing in the face of the person who offered. Nevertheless, poker rooms have just such a policy, insuring themselves, in fact, from everything. This is especially true for one almost invariable rule that is found in almost every list of rules: the poker room Administration reserves the right to block the user's account with all funds on it without explaining the reasons, But it is also worth noting that in practice this most often happens in cases when the team simply does not want to deal with scammers, whose illegal actions are quite difficult or long to prove. Thus, if you are honest and "law-abiding", then such a gratuitous blocking should not affect you. It is also necessary to say that the integrity of the administration is often determined by mutual relations. If the player clearly behaves inappropriately, playing along with others for users who use the SOFTWARE where it is impossible to do this, playing from multiple accounts in the same room, then the poker room is unlikely to be as honest if instant does not block the intruder. It is also necessary to mention the factors that players pay the most attention to, and the absence of which indicates the maximum honesty of these very rooms: Now let's try to determine which poker room is the most honest. We won't focus too much on positive comments about this aspect. Because honesty should be an absolute component, which, by the way, is mentioned in the responsibilities of the poker room administration.

We only care about the aspects that make the rooms look bad

One of the most well-known poker rooms of recent times is most often confronted with complaints about the speed of withdrawal, the work of the support service, or the integrity of their bonuses, such as the $ no Deposit bonus. In fact, it is the quality and speed of technical support raises the most questions about the integrity of this room. They "honestly" state that the issue is under consideration, but it takes so long that many players, especially beginners, lose patience and simply leave without waiting for a decision. It is hard to believe that after several years of complaints about this quality of work, the administration did not make any attempts in this direction. There is reason to assume that this is a deliberate move This issue affects all others.

For example, if the withdrawal process is too long, you may need to contact support operators who don't respond.

And then there are doubts about the integrity of financial issues.

Three eights has a very lucrative no Deposit bonus offer.

Most likely, it was thanks to him that the room became the most actively growing in. But also the fact that many players just don't get their bonus.

Didn't clear cookies, didn't send documents, or it's just that their name matches the nickname of some other user.

In order not to stumble upon something like this, it is advisable to use similar offers after reading about them in detail on other sites. Some claim that this is the best poker room in the world with the coolest conditions for the game, stable SOFTWARE and fair offers. Others say that there is honesty here exactly until you want to withdraw funds to the card. most recently, the Star Rewards loyalty program was updated in the room. Most of all, it was rejected by regular players, partly because it was not made for them. It is aimed at recreational players. Getting a good rakeback or other rewards for playing consistently is now becoming increasingly difficult, and not just in this room. For example, on the Otzovik site, there are a huge number of comments with the headlines "Scam", in which the authors simply claim that they are not honest with them. But among them stands out one in which the girl describes her experience by providing screenshots from the room, real situations, and correspondence with the administration. Such things inspire more confidence, but of course it's up to you to decide. By using two of the largest online poker rooms as examples, we could demonstrate that even reviews are unlikely to provide strong evidence for or against a particular room. On the one hand, they have no reason to spoil their reputation with dishonesty, on the other hand, everyone wants to make money and it is quite likely that they cannot do it without such manipulations. in this case, we recommend contacting other, more intimate rooms, based on other indicators: the Honesty of poker rooms is determined by a number of factors. It is even affected by the user's own integrity. To determine the integrity of each poker room, at least from the Russian player's interests in the short and long term, to make a competent comparison, to compare the indicators, is no less difficult task than determining the impact the impact of genetically modified organisms on human health. By the time you can objectively evaluate each of the rooms, the current opinions about the first of your list will no longer be relevant. Therefore, we recommend that you do not assign responsibility to specialized resources, but use the personal experience and feedback of other users. Over time, you will find and be able to understand which poker room is considered the most honest and without the opinion of experts.

Top poker rooms in for new wins - Rupoker

We will tell you about the most popular poker rooms in

What is online poker? This is adrenaline, excitement, competitive spirit, the possibility of getting real money, as well as a lot of positive emotionsThis game forces its participants to think and fight, which makes winning many times more pleasant and long-awaited. At the same time, you can test your fortune for real money only on some sites. Read on to find out why poker rooms close so often and where to play poker today. A poker room (also known as the Poker room) is an online platform that allows its users to play poker with real opponents from all over the world. This is a virtual analog of a poker club, which has the same advantages and features, but does not require players to be present in person. Every month, a large number of new sites are opened on the Internet, providing the opportunity to play for real money. At the same time, many of them are closed within months after the start of operation. This may be due to: poker Fans constantly monitor the changes taking place in the field of rooms, and try not to miss opportunities to try out recently opened promising sites. If you are also interested in this information, we suggest you check out the TOP popular poker rooms. In the selection, you will find new sites, as well as already proven sites that have been providing services for several years. Pokerok is a young, fast-growing platform aimed primarily at Russian-speaking users. Then it functioned under the name Lotos Poker (in the GG Network group). The independent formation of GGPokerOK took place only in. Each user registered in pokerok automatically becomes a member of the loyalty program of This platform. According to its terms, a player can receive up to rakeback (depending on their level). In addition, each new user receives a bonus in the form of thousand dollars (usage period- days), as well as the opportunity to participate in the daily Honey Moon program, the main prize of which is $. Based on the large number of promotions launched by GGPokerOK, as well as the relatively weak level of the overall game (due to the division of the pool with the GG network), we can say that Pokerok is a promising platform where you can really earn money and quench your thirst for excitement. Mopoclub is the case when the game is limited not to the computer, but to the phone. Today, this platform is the best poker room developed for mobile devices.

At the same time, it it works not only on popular operating systems today, but also on outdated platforms.

MobilePokerClub (the full name of the app) was first developed and launched back in. Over the years of its existence, the program has undergone a lot of modifications and changes that have positively affected its usability and download speed. In the overall Pokerscout ranking, Mopoclub confidently occupies the th position. Today, every new Mopoclub user can expect a bonus on the first deposits (maximum - $), as well as two free tickets to the daily tournament. Mobile poker room is rarely (in comparison with other sites) holds the shares. All information about current bonus offers is published on the MobilePokerClub website, as well as in the app. PokerStars is a true giant in the field of online poker, which has repeatedly received the "Best poker operator" award. This site is the most visited room and is very popular all over the world.

The poker room was first introduced back in

At the same time in PokerStars is played by about, players during the day and more than, in the evening. Approximately of all users are classified as weak players. The poker room is available both on a PC and on a mobile device (a special application has been developed). All poker operators are equal at PokerStars. However, no one has managed to shift this platform from its leading position so far. Since, the poker room has been gradually introducing updates to the gaming tables. Already today, a new format of playing fields (called Aurora) is installed. Its key features are: themes (Black, Mercury, Saloon, Classic) and the inability to choose between the new old design.

By the end of, PokerStars plans to fully switch to the new engine.

Such updates are necessary to attract new poker lovers from the "Amateur" category, who are attracted by the bright design and original design. As for the PokerStars regulars, the updated tables will become less convenient and familiar for them. Poker Assistant - founded in, this is a poker club that is very popular in the CIS countries. The platform supports two languages-Russian and English. Every day it is visited by about. thousand people in the afternoon and more than thousand in the evening. Most of the players are Amateurs. The first Deposit bonus in the club is thousand rubles. You can play in the Russian poker room either from a PC browser or from a mobile device (IOS Android Windows). Poker club Poker Assistant is aimed at Russian-speaking users. It offers players the opportunity to use rubles, as well as enjoy round-the-clock support in Russian. Most of the poker room's users are residents of Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus. No technical updates to the Poker Assistant are expected in. At the same time, the poker operator continues to delight its users with original and profitable offers. New players who register on this platform will receive a Deposit bonus (at the first Deposit) at the following address: use the promo code "Poker Assistant". Regular users of the poker room can take advantage of their accumulated points and try their luck in the ", rubles Super bonus" promotion. Pokermatch is the most famous Ukrainian poker platform, where every resident of Ukraine can register. All monetary transactions on the account can be performed using UAH. PokerMatch has been providing services in the gambling business since. However, the poker room has only been operating for a few years-since. Every day, Pokermatch is visited by more than. thousand users during the day and about thousand in the evening. The main audience of the poker room is beginners, Amateurs, and weak players. The site is available in several languages: Russian, Ukrainian, and English. You can play poker either through the browser or through the mobile app. For beginners of the system, there are bonuses to choose from (you can find out more about them on the official website of the poker room). Among the latest innovations, a level system and an updated program stand out poker is the oldest and most reliable poker operator, especially popular among Russian-speaking users. The site operates under a license from Gibraltar.

Increased security is confirmed by the use OF software from ICRA, McAfee, and GameCare.

You can play in the room for both real money and virtual chips. Simultaneous number of poker sessions: thousand people during the day and thousand in the evening. The main playing field is weak players. Each new user can count on a bonus on the first Deposit (no more than $).

In, poker users will see many online and offline series: Casino Gran Via (January -February), London Weekend (February -), competition in InterContinental Bucharest (March -), Casino Barcelona tournament (may -).

Detailed information about upcoming competitions, as well as the dates of their holding, are published on the official website of poker.

Below are the best poker rooms available in most countries for CIS countries. All you have to do is choose the most attractive platform, register on it and start playing.

Offline poker calculators

to get outs and ODS, you need to manually enter information

Original title: Poker stove Version

It is good to use it for analyzing various game situations

Developer: RPS consulting release Date: June status: free description: one of the first offline poker calculators (the first versions were released in the early s), which has a standard set of functions and allows you to select cards without entering their letter code.Language: English.

Bots Poker Tips Poker forum GipsyTeam

I have repeatedly encountered bots in iPoker

Hi everyone, I've been playing fastforward for the last months on party pokerBefore that, I played a hundred ipokers for a very long time for years. Let's not be under any illusions, they are also available at party poker. It is worth paying attention to the similarity of stats, as well as to the wide calls, especially in EP-MP, how many regs do you know play like this? In addition, they have identical post-flop stats, as well as some ultra features, for example, all these players have VVS.

The best players on the fast are mostly bots

For those who have been playing poker for a long time and played with bots on the same platform ipoker or wpn, everything is already obvious. They have features that make it certain that an ordinary player will never play and will never play like this. For me everything is clear, wrote in support of the party, said that sorted out and punished, but it's been about a month, the party not care about our opinion and your reputation Is a statistic when they called preflop out of position.

Let's pay attention to the bet caller status(bet on my missed kbet) which is more than percent, of all the regs I know, no one plays like that.

The problem is that bots play better than humans in the vast majority of cases.

The faces they have don't allow you to Rob them or make any money.

They adapt to the game. The same picture on poker king, plus bots(including on NL), when almost all regs play at or a weak minus on rback. I don't know what I'm talking about, I personally tried bet and bet with different sizing options, and they also adjust. The topic was created not with the message that I was advised how to exploit bots, but that the public would pay attention to the presence of bots in large numbers in the largest poker room.

I've been playing fast food for a long time.

I know all these guys. Very tough opponents. I agree with all the suspicions. you can't be beautiful in the world, I also counted about - bots on regstols, but everything is more ambiguous here because session stats, which means it's much more difficult to find a pattern, but in General it's: How do they react to bets,what is the bet range,what are the cbets in dir and bet pots,vvsf and winnings on SD, check-folds, etc.?How can bots beat nl by playing according to the algorithm and a bunch of regs can't exploit them??I play lower myself,but I didn't doubt the competence of the local regs.Bots, kanesh, evil, but really regi quickly also started playing on the party zoom, but finished when I saw a crowd of regs with a total bet of - and wwsf, despite the fact that there are only a few such players on the stars, and half the field of such players is sitting on the party, draw your own conclusions. I also started playing at the party zoom, but finished when I saw a crowd of regs with a total bet of - and wwsf, despite the fact that there are only a few such players on the stars, and half the field of such players is sitting on the party, draw your own conclusions. Bots roll NL poker king in, sometimes even without taking into account rakeback, which makes it a minimum number of regs.(usually everyone has a low-minus winrate). According to my sample at the party, the best resalts at a distance are again from bots.

They have shoals, but do not build illusions that they now took you fucking and shipped cars of dough, and you will make money like a king.

Fuck, and I thought I was paranoid, until I listened to Vue invok with the dispersion tamer about bots.

I think we should only play stars. The OFC field there is heavier, RB has almost disappeared altogether, but I am sure that the room does not need bot breeding. Guys, maybe it's not about exploits and their faces at all, if there is an option that the bot still knows the entire structure of the Board preflop. By default, it has negative actions that would dilute the paint. Personally, my opinion is that no one should I impose, but the poker room is not a charity Foundation. There are also enough bots at Starz.

You may ask why they do this? Yes, just to maximize profits, that's all, considering what a financial mess they are in.

I don't encourage you to play only at the party, but if you choose the strength of the field and the missing RB against bots, then I choose bots because if you count, then the variance will be less with this option and, accordingly, your hour will be higher. Hi everyone, I've been playing fastforward for the last months on party poker. Before that, I played a hundred ipokers for a very long time for years. I have repeatedly encountered bots in iPoker. Let's not be under any illusions, they are also available at party poker. It is worth paying attention to the similarity of stats, as well as to the wide calls, especially in EP-MP, how many regs do you know play like this? In addition, they have identical post-flop stats, as well as some ultra features, for example, all these players have VVS. Not the first time since in my article sees the mythical bot. Only here's the problem the fact that I now have a ticket to an offline tournament, but you don't: And I have to explain to patik that I skate myself. Instead of denigrating people in front of the room, I would rather upgrade my skills. Shame on the girls.

Let's start with the fact that you create an account on GT to unsubscribe in the branch on suspicion of bot breeding, and not the first nouname accuses you of such a competent bot breeding.

Aha, a person with hours of registration on the site. What about the situation when our bots are preflop raisers without a position? And they decide to check the flop, how are they doing with the pending kbet? If you prefer a four-color deck and want to disable animation of avatars, these features will be available in your profile settings. If you sign up for poker rooms through GipsyTeam, you will receive rake statistics, bonus points for in-store purchases, exclusive promotions, and extended support.

[Download] Best Poker Bot-Shanky Poker bot crack-Poker, betting, casino-Forum for sharing private information and various types of earnings

Some features of the system will not work to work

You have JavaScript disabledPoker rooms:Minted Poker, Cake Poker, Red Star, William Hill, Titan poker, BetnGo, poker, Bet, Poker, Gutshot,,, PGN World Poker Installing Shanky Holdem Bot Crack-Install Shanky Holdem Bot-Copy the patch from the Crack folder to the folder with the installed bot.- Add a patch to your antivirus exceptions (if it is installed)- Patch the bot. Quick guide to working with Shanky Holdem Bot: - register in the poker room - open HoldemBotUserManual. pdf and make settings in accordance with the selected poker room - and successfully squeeze out loot from poker. Poker rooms:Minted Poker, Cake Poker, Red Star, William Hill, Titan poker, BetnGo, poker, Bet, Poker, Gutshot,,, PGN World Poker Installing Shanky Holdem Bot Crack-Install Shanky Holdem Bot-Copy the patch from the Crack folder to the folder with the installed bot.- We add a patch to your antivirus's exceptions (if it works correctly). installed)- Patch the bot. Quick guide to working with Shanky Holdem Bot: - register in the poker room - open HoldemBotUserManual. pdf and make settings in accordance with the selected poker room - and successfully squeeze out loot from poker.

Please enable JavaScript to access all functions

Toli my hands are crooked, but I can't really configure it, and there is somewhere a video instruction for setting up, or at least a complete instruction in Russian, But in addition to the bot, it is desirable to have profiles for the bot itself. Each individual profile is designed for a specific game. But in addition to the bot, it is desirable to have profiles for the bot itself. Each individual profile is designed for a specific game. And how was your Account not banned? What kind of thing did you install to change your IP address? or something like that? By the way, he didn't do anything for you, didn't change the fonts? and then I changed it so much that I still can't figure it out) We are the largest forum for the exchange of private information. Surely you will find like-minded people on the resource published more than, different coursesevent updates mass income opportunities on parameterisation instantly.

Poker programs make it easier for you to beat your opponent

Many such applications can be found on the Internet today

Every novice player eventually comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to use a poker programA common mistake made by inexperienced players is that they consider using such a tool to be a bad idea. Poker programs are used by the majority of plus players on online platforms, as this greatly facilitates their game.

Therefore, when playing against such opponents, you lose to them already at the start, if you do not use poker software yourself.

It is important to know that in poker you are fighting against several players at the same time. Each of them can have a different one. Therefore, poker software can help you identify your opponents strengths and weaknesses. This will help you decide on the best option in cases where you don't have enough experience or time. Among the many options, the most reliable and high-quality programs for playing online poker were selected, which are recommended by the game wizard. Of course, for each of the proposed applications, you can find your own analogues. However, in the whole set of parameters, they are still inferior to time-tested programs. Thanks to this app, you can view detailed information about statistics for each of your opponents, without breaking away from the game. It is worth noting that this platform does not support all online poker sites. But the most popular poker rooms, such as: Poker, Poker Stars, Party Poker, Full Tilt Poker and Titan Poker are included in its support. Unfortunately, HoldemManager is not free. The trial period is days. During this time, with the help of a successful poker game, you can safely earn money on the already paid version of this software and use it for your game. Its beauty lies in the fact that it is able to determine the tables with constantly losing opponents or, more simply, weak players.

You don't need to mention the huge benefits of TableScanTurbo for people who use It on a daily basis.

poker software is a waste of time, but it's not

A pleasant surprise is that it is completely free. But there is also a fly in the ointment. This program is written in English, so there are some inconveniences for players who do not know this language. But at the same time, mastering English will help you in in the future, which in turn is a plus. The creators of this software do not charge their customers a single ruble of money. In my opinion, this is a great program for "debriefing"! Thanks to it, you will be able to improve your poker skills. your opponent. The latest version of this poker software includes many useful features that you may need, especially the online statistics output. The disadvantage is that it is not free, but there is a -day trial version. statistics of the opponent, but, as in the programs listed above, it has many functions. To use this software, you must register on PokerStrategy. Unfortunately, the full-feature trial version only lasts weeks. After the specified time limit expires, the player needs to score one thousand points, the so-called StrategyPoints.

You can earn them by playing for real money at any poker room.

Using the above online poker programs it will give you tangible advantages in the game. But they do not guarantee that you will always play in a plus position. We wish you good luck in the game.

Interview with sharper: "how to breed players on poker series" Pokeroff Poker Assistant

This interview is a bit out of my usual format

The person I met makes a living by regularly cheating poker playersHe is a professional cardsharper who circumvents the rules and with deft hand movements wrings money from visitors to poker clubs and participants in closed games. He is the one who will easily be able to pick you at the poker table, so much so that you won't notice. Of course, this is a parasite of the poker ecology, but I think you'll find it interesting to look on the other side.

the poker table.

From this interview, you will learn: whether poker shows are shoved, where performers are most often found, how players are deceived, whether card scammers are tormented by conscience, what happens to caught cheaters, and much more. Given all of the above, this interview is completely anonymous. You won't find any names in the text, but believe me, this card cheat has a huge experience of card fraud and today you have the opportunity to learn a little more about it.

Its activities are illegal, frowned upon, and quite risky

I can't say where or how, but I know exactly what they're pushing, and not only professionals from the former Soviet Union. Yes, there is a high level of security, but still. I can't say that they push absolutely on all series, but it's definitely worth being prepared for this.

Understand that this will not be a " complete weaning”, as they say “in the brazen”, not at all.

Everything is implemented through a small advantage, which gives the player a fairly decent advantage.

If such a” chance " is owned by a strong player, then it is simply fatal.

tournaments are unlikely to be shoved, but in the cache-Yes. Moreover, as part of the series, the game is now more common in hotel rooms. This is a classic and there is no place without it. Everyone knows, but everyone “eats". The first option is much simpler in theory, but in reality it is much more difficult to implement on large series, because there is a very strong Security Service. This is not easy, and no one needs a special” light", so the larger the series, the fewer options to push. The second option is easier, but requires professionalism and composure from the performer. They can perform both through banal beacons, and using krap.

At the moment, science has stepped far ahead, so why not take advantage of it? I won't speak for the rest of the series, but yeah.

I'd rather tell you one funny case. I was returning home by train, I go to my room AND see that the charger from the next compartment is sticking out of my socket. While I was putting out my things, a kid came in with a laptop, and I noticed a very famous poker brand on the top of it. In general, I got interested and we started talking. It turned out that he was one of the organizers of the poker tournament and together with his colleagues was going to conduct it for the first time. The gist of the matter is, it turned out that we have common " acquaintances”:) I go out for a smoke and immediately hit " hoo from hoo”, they in turn do the same, trying to find out as much as possible about me. Upon arrival in the compartment, the conversation went in a very “friendly” direction and they immediately offered me to “work”.

That's what happens.

You said that it is now quite common to shove in hotel rooms as part of private games.

How relevant is this for the “Russian " series? Was he involved in something like this? Yes, it is common. Personally, I don't go to such series, so I didn't participate.

But I know how it works.

The options are different. Either the performer himself offers a game with the calculation “change in turn " (he pushes himself when he distributes), or they use the option with a dealer from the hall, who performs his “functions”. At the same time, both chemistry and various equipment are used. The bottom line is, that poker and similar games are not quite suitable for weaning, unlike Seki, Bura.

here everything works completely differently.

A small " chance” and you have the upper hand.

Just imagine that you are a strong regular and know the location of all the aces in the deck. Is this an advantage? Yes. Huge? Yes! Recently, Chinese poker has become popular in private room games. This game is just right for weaning! Yes, because there is a completely different dynamic. You can immediately " drive to the moon” and the victim will not understand what and how. And then on the knurled line. Do you know why it has taken root in the former Soviet Union? Chinese poker has captivated with its simplicity, excitement and crazy dynamics. How do you know what is being pushed against you at the poker table? Is there any way to protect yourself from such scammers during the game? How to understand? There is no “magic pill " here. Only Analytics and analysis of the hands played (although the pros will not allow this either). Of course, if you are looking at an “Amateur", then I can recommend looking at his hands or at himself the intended performer, but at the moment this is already a rarity. Although in some Mukhosransk of this "good" in bulk. I'll probably say banal things, but for some reason everyone still buys into it over and over again. Don't play in questionable locations. And don't settle for a private game. Of Course, I can't say where I was or who I played with, but most often these are clubs, because the” trust " in dealers is much higher there. Well, if anything, the demand will already be from the owner, because in it is " invited”:) Although there are kamikazes who go to brazen, but there are only a few of them. Too much trouble, and too risky. And Yes, an important point. On the same poker series, it is the rich players who will be hunted, and not the beggars. No one will play a show for a couple of thousand. It doesn't make sense. I know that Moscow quite often gathers regulars and businessmen for private games. Tell me, do they push there? Perhaps you yourself participated in such a thing? Yes, shove Yes, participated. I will say more, I even taught it.

Poker is illegal in Russia, so everything is covered, you know.

All these people work for the sake of money, and how they get it does not matter to them.

If there is an opportunity to raise money they will act.

You said that if the club notice “pianino” it often matters to the owner.

How do you usually get out of such situations? After all, the losers can be “connected".

Those with connections are usually left alone or informed. When I was in the club swam one authority, spent the night-in the end, he was returned all the money. What happens if the performer is caught by the hand? How do they punish cheaters in General? I don't think anyone's calling the police. Do they even break bones? Well, it all depends on who you hit.

Those who are in the " topic” - show the owner and issue him an invoice.

Of course, the performer can also get a little bit involved. Well, single kamikazes may not be found anywhere at all later:) As I understand it, the performer is usually under the protection of the host organizer of the game? does the organizer simply return the money that was pressed if the performer is caught? Or pay something else on top? If they rarely notice, then the organizers are still in the black at the distance, right? Tell me, how often do those who were divorced return to the club again? "A person needs an outlet. Someone goes to prostitutes, someone drinks alcohol, but someone finds a way out in the cards. They're regulars. They were, are and will be" (up to physical injuries) from aggressive players who accuse them of shoving at any inconvenient cards. Is it all tilt or is someone really " noticing something”? This is a tilt, nothing more. Fortunately, I didn't have one. It's just that you need to be subtle about this point. When you dry a person all night, even the most persistent nerves will give up.

Aren't you afraid to perform at the table? Perhaps this feeling has dulled over time? How dumb was it to do this for the first time? The first time is always scary.

And then you get carried away. And not even for the money anymore. You're becoming a bit of a Director, aren't you players are actors. I like to manage them. I always have an idyll at my table because of my rule that I mentioned above. This is a performance that strongly attracts. Do your closest family members know who exactly you work for? What do you usually say to those who are not allowed to reveal themselves? Perhaps you have a” different job " to cover up? No one in the family knows about it. I work as a magician for everyone. Well, sometimes I conduct "lectures on protection from card fraudsters".

Is it not difficult to hide all this? In theory, you have achieved certain heights in this field, but you can't tell almost anyone about it.

No, it's not difficult. Somehow I got used to it already. In this case, I'm certainly not a master of sports, because there is a lot to strive for, but KMS for sure!:) In conclusion, can you tell us some funny story from your practice or the practice of your colleagues? I'm sure you have plenty of them. Once familiar Sankovic drove North to the oil industry. They rode there in some kind of trailer and he came across a very gambling passenger. I must say, that a friend has a good command of lishak. So here they were, the three of them: an acquaintance, his friend, and the victim. When our friend was already holding the lishak in his hand, his victim suddenly abruptly changed his position, so much so that there is simply no way to throw off the lishak.

But Sankovic still found a way:) Since it was cold in the North, everyone was wearing their outer clothing accordingly.

And now my friend, feeling that something needs to be done urgently, reaches out to the victim and hides her lichen in a fur hat! And it turned out that the player was sitting with a card on his head:) Shansovik then did this maneuver several more times, accompanying his manipulations with phrases: "what kind of fur do you have?", " What a cool hat!", "How do I like it", etc.

That's the story:).

Which poker room is the most honest - player reviews and expert opinions

A user who is looking for a poker site to play for real money is primarily interested in the integrity of the game roomThis feature of the room is one of the most important, because if the room does not have conditions for fair play and withdrawal of funds, you should not register in it at all, but how to find out whether the selected site is reliable or not. We can't exactly answer the question of which poker room is the most honest, as there is no unambiguous opinion of experts on this issue. But we can tell you about the best poker rooms that treat their users honestly and explain why they are included in the recommended list. You will only have to make a choice! When choosing a poker room for a regular game, you should pay attention to the top poker sites compiled by our portal. We took a responsible approach to compiling the rating, since we care about our reputation and our users, we will not recommend those rooms that deceive poker players, block their accounts unreasonably, or do not withdraw funds. When compiling the rating, we took into account a variety of characteristics: Real users reviews can tell the most eloquently about which poker room is the most honest, as they are most often based on practical experience. On our site, many players leave their opinions about poker sites, which is taken into account when compiling the rating. Of course, some reviews may not be taken into account, as often inexperienced poker players speak negatively about the room because of losing money, believing that the poker room treated them unfairly, using a twisted RNG. Such reviews may occur on a number of sites, but when they are addressed to the largest poker rooms, where many experienced poker players play and often withdraw money, they should not be taken seriously. Users just need to pour out a negative message, accusing them of this is a poker site for everyone, even though they just don't know how to play well or have run into stronger opponents. The most honest poker room, of course, is the one that freely withdraws winnings. There are a lot of such rooms and in those that are in our top, users do not have problems with withdrawal. However, most of them practice verification, which is a mandatory requirement in all rooms except PokerStars (selective). Keep in mind that how well you withdraw your winnings depends on several factors that You can influence yourself. You may be denied withdrawal if you violate the rules of the room: These reasons are most common when blocking the accounts of players who withdraw money. This is not due to the fact that the player is going to withdraw the winnings, just checking the profile and game history is carried out at the first cashout. You should avoid colluding during the game and intentionally transferring chips at the tables, as this can also lead to blocking. Experienced players strictly follow the rules and do not expose the money available on the game account to risks. Inexperienced players often complain about RNG, but when compiling the top list, we also checked this information about poker rooms. This is done simply, as many experienced poker players use auxiliary software and can track the profitability of solutions in the long run. The study of such data shows that deviations from the mathematical expectation for many experienced players are insignificant and natural, which could not be the case with a twisted RNG. One of the most important signs that a room treats its users fairly is popularity. The fact that the poker site has attracted thousands of players, and they continue to play in it, means that they are satisfied with the conditions provided, and there are no such shortcomings that the room can be called dishonest. Most of the rooms in our top list are the largest in the world in terms of the number of users or are the most popular popular in Runet. If you are looking for the best poker sites, check out our top list. It reflects the opinion of experts about which poker room is the most honest and loyal to Russian-speaking players.

In order not to make a mistake in your choice, pay attention to the features of each room: betting limits, a variety of poker types, tournament guarantees, financial opportunities, and software characteristics.

Keep in mind that if you lost money, this does not always indicate dishonesty on the part of the site. Perhaps you just need to start learning the strategy of a successful game.

Artificial intelligence beat all the best poker players - RIA Novosti

This is what many poker players are trying to achieve

Playing with five partners at once, rather than just one opponent, required fundamental changes in how the AI developed its strategy

We are pleased that Pluribus has managed to meet this challenge and develop several innovative techniques that are likely to change the way professionals play, " said Noam Brown of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA.

The main advantage of Pluribus is the ability to combine different strategies. Few people manage to change them randomly, but at the same time stay in the black. Almost all people can't cope with this task " Elias shared his impressions.

PPPoker: clubs in Russia

To date, this opinion is not relevant

Mobile poker rooms are considered Asian by many participantsLet's say that a very large club, including a well - known one, expanded the scope of an exclusively Asian club a long time ago. Currently, a large number of participants are attracted from all over the world with a semi-legal poker platform. Speaking about Russian PPPoker clubs, we can say the following. In our country, this organization has features that have enabled it to be among the leaders and firmly hold this position.